Monday, July 15, 2024

Intel Evo Chromebooks to Offer Visual Sense Technology and Thunderbolt

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Intel doesn’t normally have a lot of hardware dedicated to Chromebooks at CES, but this year it did announce some intriguing tidbits. First, the company revealed that Chromebooks come with Brand Intel Evo, its new name for the refined Project Athena machines. These will be the first Chromebooks to include Thunderbolt support, which will allow them to support faster external hard drives and other accessories.

Notably, Intel Evo Chromebooks will also include the corporate visual sensing technology, code name “Clover Falls”. Quietly announced last month, it’s a low-powered companion AI chip that can do things like automatically lock your computer when you walk away, or dim your screen if you’re looking at your phone. These kinds of features could help you save battery and give you better security if you are dealing with sensitive data. During a brief web demo with an Intel representative, it seemed to work fine – the visual sensing chip only took about a second to lock a PC after leaving his chair.


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