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Rainbow Six: Siege is still performing well six years after its launch, but it’s not the only title from Ubisoft that still draws players in for more. For Honor recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, and the company revealed what’s in store for the game as part of its Year 5 update (Shovel Knight cosmetics!). I haven’t played much of a melee fighter since I examined it in 2017 which made me wonder what it feels like to come back. After all, new heroes and maps have been released over the years, along with balance changes and adjustments to the overall meta. The bottom line? It’s always fun… but get used to dying.

Ubisoft was kind enough to lend me three members of the For Honor team to update me. Before joining the session, I went back to the tutorials and reappropriated the basics of combat. If you haven’t played For Honor, it’s both simple and complex. The characters hold their weapons in three different positions (up, left and right). If your position matches that of an incoming attack, you will block it. If you attack in a direction that an opponent did not choose, surprise, your attack will land. There are combos to master, unblockable moves to learn, special attacks, weapon and armor unlocks, strategies that vary by card and game mode – that’s a lot.

“The strength of For Honor is its unique playing experience, and while it is quite easy to get used to the art of combat, understanding all the intricacies of each hero and match may take a little longer.” , says game director Nicolas Bombray. “On the other hand, the community has posted lots of helpful videos and tutorials on many aspects of the game. So if you want to take For Honor seriously, you should definitely check out this material. “

I chose Warmonger, one of the characters featured since my last reading. She is a visually intimidating member of the Knight faction who wields a two-handed flamberge. She has a great range and her combos include pushing attacks and quick hits. She also has a cool guard-guard variation which is a great departure from the other heroes; if you charge her in the middle of several different combos, she goes wild with a clawed glove. On the basis of aesthetics alone, I was thoroughly.

“Right off the bat, players will notice that the roster of heroes has grown considerably,” says chief game designer Stefan Jewinski. “When it launched, For Honor had 12 heroes. We now have 28 (and 2 more to come in 5th grade). The heroes of the fourth year, the Warmonger and Gryphon, are designed for accessible gameplay – whether you’re a new or returning player, they are effective heroes that are easy to pick up and start playing well with. At the same time, due to hero tweaks, base combat updates, and various improvements over the years, the overall balance of heroes across all levels is better than ever – so no matter your choice, you will be able to wreak havoc. The battlefield.”

We’ve played three games of Dominion, which is basically a zone-based mode where two teams of four players try to control multiple strategic points in an arena. You score by capturing checkpoints, slaying enemy heroes, and killing forage AIs that typically congregate in the center of every map. When you reach 1000 points, the other team shatters, preventing them from respawning. Kill all four heroes at that point and you win. It’s basically For Honor’s flagship mode, and it felt like just as good a place as any to dip my toes.

If you are an easily frustrated person in multiplayer games, you might want to practice your deep breathing exercises before playing For Honor. I’m not sure if it was luck (or bad luck), matchmaking, or just my declining muscle memory, but my return to the battlefield was a stark reminder that a lot of players don’t. haven’t stopped playing the game. I found myself easily outclassed in one-on-one battles, and in the rare moments when it seemed like I was getting the upper hand, my opponent’s teammate would materialize out of nowhere and me. gankait – my death usually manifested itself with a horrible, demoralizing execution.

“Sure, the more experienced players are masters these days, but our skill-based matchmaking should ensure that all players generally get fair matches and generally keep those masters away from players who are climbing the skill curve,” Jewinsky says. . I may have been a victim of Ubisoft’s generosity; I haven’t looked too closely at the stats of my teammates, but it’s quite possible their presence tipped the scales against a rookie like me. I tried a few matches later in the solo queue, and sure enough, I didn’t feel like I was fighting superhuman opponents.

Even though I’ve died often and reliably, there have been a few UI changes designed to help coordinate team play. I didn’t notice it at first, but I enjoyed the Team ID overlay that helps you differentiate your teammates from enemies on the battlefield. This makes it easy to see at a glance where everyone is and, more importantly, where they should be.

Despite some of the lucky run-down frustration that accompanied my short lifespan, I had a great time getting back into the action. It’s satisfying to land a combo, especially when you’re able to skewer an opponent who was banging your head just moments ago. And the inclusion of a battle pass gives players who love cosmetics something to shoot – or, of course, spend the cash if they want to. I didn’t take in the cosmetic side of For Honor at first, and I don’t know if I ever will. The Year 5 collaboration with the Yacht Club led to some Shovel Knight themed outfits and something called a “shovel drop” emote, but I can’t imagine a world where I drop money on it.

Would I recommend returning to For Honor? If you’re looking for console weapon-based combat this is one of the best options I’ve played, even with my rusty skills. When it came out I spent a lot of time playing it to see it again and got into a good groove. The fight was satisfying and the victories – however hard they were – seemed deserved. I’m definitely away from that spot right now, but I’m tentatively putting it back on my rotation. I imagine regaining proficiency must feel good, even if the path to getting there is one paved with sniffed attacks, dead heroes, and a series of demoralizing losses. With mastery also comes the possibility of earning some money.

“For our more competitive audience, last year we launched the Dominion Series – our official competitive program for top PC gamers – with a total cash prize of $ 35,000,” says Jewinsky. “We will continue to run the Dominion series in year five and will release full details in the near future. We also intend to introduce more casual tournaments throughout the year to give less experienced players a chance to participate, here more details will follow as the year progresses.

Ubisoft remains bullish on For Honor, although it is not getting as much public attention as it is approaching its initial launch. It’s clear he still has a healthy fan base; Most of the matches I’ve played filled up with live players in a short period of time, with only a few bots filling vacancies when needed.

“For Honor is in the best shape it has ever been,” Bombray says. “We have 28 heroes, a more offensive meta, and a booming competitive scene for fight fans. For those who are more drawn to the fantasy, we have a lively platform that evolves with each season and takes our storytelling journey forward. After the events of Year 4, we are now introducing the concept of Alliances which will add a new twist to our classic Factions.

“Looking ahead, we recently added the possibility of next-gen compatibility on PlayStation and Xbox, which is a great signal that we intend to maintain For Honor in the long term. Playing 60 fps gaming on console has been a dream of ours for a long time, and now it’s possible on next-gen consoles. The future of For Honor is constantly on our minds and we believe that while there has never been a better time to play the game, next season, next year should be even better. This is the reason why this team gets to work every morning. It’s a unique game defined by its very special core experience, and we want to take it one step further by using our competitive scene to keep learning, improving the gameplay and promoting it to new players to continue to develop this amazing community of fighters.


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