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Madden NFL 21 Gets Latest Franchise Update, Commits To Making Madden NFL 22 Better

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It’s been a long road for Madden NFL 21 franchise mode. On the heels of a community campaign for “#FixMaddenFranchise” when it was revealed that the game’s latest edition featured franchise changes that looked more like Notes update only to upgrades worthy of a new game, EA Tiburon unveiled a long-term take on the series’ franchise mode.

Now next previous updates which added things like smarter processor business logic, playoff brackets, revamped player stat cards and additional commissioner tools, EA Tiburon and EA Sports announced the final update to the Madden NFL 21 franchise mode franchise. This latest update delivers on EA Tiburon’s promise to go deeper into the logic of processor trading and the rating path, while adding additional historical context to your league.

In any professional sports league, tradition and a sense of history are important. With this new Madden NFL 21 franchise mode update, players can review the record books from past seasons to view a log of key winners, as well as conference and Super Bowl champions on an annual basis. Records exist in a single hub with a way to filter by year to make it easier to find the exact record you’re looking for. Unfortunately, data won’t exist for winners or champions who have already been crowned, but any seasons you complete after the patch update will be tracked in the future.

The big upgrades in this patch come from how CPU-run teams respond to commercial offers. A key area is how star players are evaluated by CPU general managers. In the future, the CPU will take into account the notions of “reciprocity” when distributing star players. Essentially, this means that earning a star will usually require a combination of high-value players and draft picks. If you are the one who rules out a star player, you can expect higher returns.

The hotfix also fixes several issues, including offensive linemen not being rated correctly, players rated at the wrong position in the depth table, and issues involving trades for players at the same position. Franchised players may also be on the lookout for other improvements like a better picture of the trade’s true value, developmental traits playing a bigger role in calculating a player’s worth, and certain defensive positions. having more weight according to the scheme managed by the team. .

Madden NFL 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

Teams will also have a more nuanced outlook on player trading values ​​and draft picks to create situations like we see in the actual NFL. Other updates include that players are more valuable when they are newbies or in the first year of their contracts (as long as they are not in a one-year contract), and a new value curve. age where the older the player gets, the more age affects their value. In addition, top-level quarterbacks gain in value. EA Tiburon also continued to refine the CPU GM’s draft logic, realigning the base draft pick value to work with the new player value changes described above.

To wrap up the update, executive producer Seann Graddy gave a short video keynote discussing the improvements to come as the team focuses on Madden NFL 22. In the video, Graddy affirmed the studio’s renewed commitment to develop franchise mode alongside others. modes from the Madden NFL series. He also said the team is gathering additional feedback from the community, including game changers, game testers, content creators, and more to give players the franchise mode they’ve been asking for.

Only time will tell if EA Tiburon is able to deliver the franchise mode enhancements in Madden NFL 22. In the meantime, the latest round of Madden NFL 21 franchise mode enhancements will arrive tomorrow. Madden NFL 21 launched last August on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new generation version, which added smoother gameplay, a new playcall system and integration of next-gen stats, followed in December.


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