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Xbox Game Pass Added 6 new games in March with NBA 2K21, Star Wars: Squadrons, etc.

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Xbox Game Pass adds six new titles in the rotating library later this month and into April, and the latest additions are especially great for sports fans. Game Pass offers change monthly, alternating old titles for new entries, allowing for new gaming experiences

The latest lineup has an unusual theme, sticking heavily to sports games with the exception of Star Wars: Squadrons (although that’s racing, so if you squint …). For the full lineup of what’s to come, here’s what Xbox had to share:

What’s coming up:

  • Madden NFL 21, Console – Available Now
  • Football Manager 2021, PC – March 4
  • Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, console and PC – March 4
  • NBA 2K21, Cloud and Console – March 4
  • Star Wars: Squadrons, console – In March
  • NHL 21, console – early April

DLC and game updates:

  • Control DLC Sale, 50% – Until March 8
  • Gears 5: Operations 6 DLC – Available Now
  • Minecraft: The Mountain – Available Now

What comes out:

  • Alvastia Chronicles, console and PC – March 15
  • Astrologaster, PC – March 15
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, console and PC – March 15
  • Kona, console – March 15
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, console – March 15

Interested in Xbox Game Pass, but unsure if you still want to pull that trigger? No problem, here is what you need to know. With the Microsoft subscription service, you have two options to choose from: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Both offer Xbox gamers the ability to play over 100 titles at no additional cost, including day one launches of proprietary titles.

Xbox Game Pass costs $ 9.99 per month with the The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version at $ 14.99, including Xbox Live Gold in this bundle price. It’s a great deal, ideal for those who don’t care about owning titles or plan to play something more than once. It could be even better with the Acquisition of ZeniMax which is set in stone this month for the titles under the id Software and Bethesda umbrellas.

What do you think of the latest titles to join Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks? Give your opinion in the comments section below and what you would like to see added next!


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