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Mark Geyer Rips the Dragons of St George Illawarra by Cameron McIness, Israel Folau Situations

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Rugby league big Mark Geyer has unleashed a scathing attack on the St George Illawarra Dragons following dramatic 48 hours.

The Dragons’ camp was rocked when news broke on Tuesday of Captain Cameron McInnes signing a four-year contract with Cronulla, and they then decided in a general meeting on Wednesday to drop their pursuit of the controversial Israel Folau code-hopper.

Geyer was particularly critical of the way the Dragons had handled Folau’s situation, criticizing the club for only ending the saga with a two-line statement that left their fans with endless questions.

“Whoever’s in charge of the Dragons, your fans need answers, your fans need a face to tell them what’s going on, damn it,” Geyer said on Triple M’s. Rush hour with MG.

“I mean, come on, someone must be responsible for this shipwreck that we just saw in the last 48 hours.

“It took us all by surprise, got us all involved, got us all to have an opinion, then a two-line statement to say you know what, we’ve stopped our pursuit of Israel.”

“Come on man… And in the same breath, they lost their inspiring skipper (McInnes) for four seasons.

“I know there have been a lot of accounts today about his poverty, but I speak here on behalf of the Dragon fans. They want answers, they need answers and they need them now.”

Israel Folau shouldn’t be welcomed back into NRL, says Drew Mitchell

The Dragons had approached the NRL about signing Folau, apparently on a two-year contract worth $ 1 million.

But they dropped their pursuit of center Catalans Dragons on the backs of wild comments from fans, who had slammed the club for suing a player with a history of making controversial remarks about homosexuality on social media.

All the club have done to publicly shut down their prosecution of Folau was to issue the following statement:

“Although the Dragons have inquired about the signing of Folau, the club can confirm that these discussions have now ceased,” the statement said.

“The Dragons won’t make any further comment.”

Although he does not identify anyone, Geyer said the club had handled the Folau affair so badly that someone should lose their job.

“I would call someone’s head,” Geyer said.

“As a former player, I would be embarrassed how my club handled such a delicate situation.

“Israel Folau is a delicate situation, a very emotional situation. We’ve all bought into the whole Israeli saga over the past 48 hours and now it’s gone.

“You tell me a two-line summary is all they’re going to give us… It’s bulls ** t.” They need to make more comments because (Coach Anthony) Griffin needs it.

“He looks like the one who orchestrated it all. It probably has nothing to do with it.

“Someone has to be held responsible and say, ‘This is what happened, this is why we sued him, it was not a smokescreen.

“Did you really want Israel in the first place or was it just a smokescreen for other things going on?”

McInnes’ four-year deal with the Sharks is expected to begin at the end of the 2021 season.

Cronulla legend Paul Gallen was amazed at the Sharks’ poaching of the NSW Blues fringe prostitute, telling Wide World of Sports he “can’t believe the Dragons let him go”.

Geyer’s rant has been a long one, but he said the Dragons still have time to give their fans some insight into roller coaster week.

“One thing we do know is St George Illawarra fans need to know,” Geyer said.

“The season hasn’t started yet. You have a chance to redeem yourself – the Dragon Hierarchy – but you must do so as soon as possible.”

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