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Means, Motive And Opportunity – Hitman 3 Wiki Guide

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The written guide below differs from the video guide above in a few ways. Notably, the written guide gets the Private Investigator disguise as early as possible, meaning Emma will be found in the lounge rather than in the Greenhouse.

The Private Investigator disguise is easily the best one for this level: almost nobody will suspect you, and once you complete this Mission Story, you have near-complete access to any location, save for one room of the mansion.

Use the Contents below to help jump to where you need help.


You’ll want to start the level with at least Coins in your starting Inventory: you’ll need them early on to get the Private Investigator Disguise as early as possible. Make sure it’s in your gear before you start!

This Mission Story is unlocked pretty much as soon as you start the level: at the front gates you’ll find the Private Investigator being let into the mansion grounds. Wait for him to be let in by the guards so that you can accept the Mission Story guide.

Disguise Yourself as the Private Investigator


Your first order of business is to steal the PI’s clothes so you can pose as him. This is incredibly important for any run in Dartmoor because it actually gives you access to almost anywhere on the map. The trick is that once the PI is inside the mansion, he’ll spend a long time inside in plain view of various guards and staff, making it very difficult to Subdue him unnoticed.

The best time to grab him is as he’s on his way to the mansion. First, slip through the bushes and Vault over the hole in the wall and crouch behind the rocks. Make your way West over the small path in the river (marked on your minimap) and hide in the red bushes near the path.

Now you need to draw the PI over. This is trickier than it looks because a female Staff Member will show up expecting him, and will be looking towards the bridge. Therefore it’s imperative you draw the PI far enough away that she won’t see what you’re doing.

So, as the PI finishes crossing the bridge, squat in the bushes near the large mossy rocks, then throw a Coin between the bridge and the bushes to draw him close. Once he’s picked up the Coin, throw another one in the bushes close to the river. When he stops to pick it up, Subdue him, make sure his body is in the bushes, then take his clothes.

You’ll also want to dump whatever gun you started the level with. You’ll be Frisked when entering the mansion via the front door and you’re not allowed to have a gun on you! Luckily you don’t need guns for this Mission Story anyway, and you can use other entry points later too.

Now that you’re disguised as the PI, return to the path and talk to the Staff Member, who’ll lead you to the front door of the mansion. Walk up to the door and initiate the Frisking, then head inside. You’ll be talked to by Alexa, the old lady of the house, and then Mr. Fernsby, the butler. You’ll want to Start Investigation, of course.

Investigate Zachary’s Bedroom

Mr. Fernsby will now lead you to Level 1 (the second floor) and over to the room. Mr. Fernsby will explain the situation: Zachary was found dead this morning, with his room locked from the inside and a suicide note left in the room. Your job is to find out what really happened.

Enter the room and walk around the bed to find Zachary’s dead body. Pull out your Camera, then Scan the Body: the throat markings reveal that he died at 10:00pm the previous night to a plant-based poison. You can also scan the Whiskey on the bedside table to the right, but this isn’t essential.

Now go to the North-West corner of the room and interact with Zachary’s Laptop to discover he was browsing for new gumboots before he died (1 cent off, what a bargain!). Now check the table next to the nearby fireplace to pick up Zachary’s Suicide Note, providing a handwriting sample.

Now go the South-East corner of the room where the bookcase is and use Instinct vision to pick out one of the books: pull it to reveal a secret door into a hidden room. Walk right towards the two-way mirror, then check the bottom of it to find a Mansion Floor Plan, revealing that somebody came via the secret passage to stage the suicide.

That’s all the evidence you need, so now you have to ask Mr. Fernsby for more information. Use the teal mission marker to find out where it is in the mansion; he’ll be on either Level 0, the ground floor, or Level 1. Once you find him, talk to him to begin the next stage of the investigation.

Question Suspects and Search Locations of Interest

Now you’re onto the meat of the investigation to find out whodunit. Your suspects are Gregory, the elder son, Edward, the moustached man in green, Rebecca, the woman in blue, Emma, the ginger woman in purple-and-blue, and Patrick, the boy in a white shirt and aviator glasses.

This is one of the parts that can vary depending on how long you took to get the Private Investigator disguise. If Alexa has already called the family meeting, then Emma will be out in the Greenhouse rather than in the Lounge.

We’ll go in a clockwise route around the house, starting with Patrick in the Library. Talk to him three times to learn all he knows. If Patrick’s on the phone, walk to his front so that he sees you and hangs up, letting you talk to him.

Once you’re done, you should move to the Trophy Room: just head directly West across the mansion and open the doors into a hallway, then go left through the glass doors. Rebecca tends to hang out here, but she does move between here and the Sitting Room across the hallway. Talk to her three times to learn that Emma’s been acting strange, and is after the manor. You can also scan some Paperwork on the table at the end of the Trophy Room, but this isn’t required.

Next, head North across the hallway to get into the Sitting Room. This is where George will be on the red couch, and if the family meeting hasn’t been called, Emma will be here as well. Question them both three times, then look for a portrait Photo to scan in the North-West corner, marked by a camera icon on your minimap.

Continue heading North through another hallway and into the Dining Room. Here is where you can find Edward, who alternates between playing the piano and stressing over writing a eulogy for the fake funeral tomorrow. Talk to him fully, which will confirm George’s story about being at a pub and thus rule them out as suspects. You can also scan the Speech if you want; it’ll be on the dining room table, or in Edward’s hands.

Now you need to talk to Patrick’s maid fling and get into the butler’s office. To do that, head North from the Dining Room across a hallway and into The Kitchen, then go through the doorway on the right to enter the Staff Room. You’ll want to talk to Rosie, the maid stressing out on the chair. Question her thrice to confirm Patrick’s alibi and rule him out of the investigation. That’s all alibis heard!

Gather Evidence Against the Butler

Now you need to get into Mr. Fernsby’s office. To get there, go East through the door and turn left to find the glass office doors. Unfortunately they’re locked, and the key is on the other side, meaning you’ll need to find a way to force your way in.

Vault through the open windows to the right of the office doors, then go counter-clockwise around the mansion to find a pair of vans: one beige and one green. Use Instinct vision to pick out a Crowbar on top of the crates next to the green van. Grab it, then return through the open window and open the door.

Before doing anything, check the shelves to the left of the door to find the Mansion Master Key, letting you open any locked door inside the mansion (but not outside it). It’s at this point you can gather evidence to incriminate the butler: grab Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary from the fireplace, and the Lethal Poison Pill Jar from the window sill. This is enough to allow you to falsely incriminate Mr. Fernsby.

Search Upstairs for Evidence

If you don’t want to accuse the Butler, you need to continue your search upstairs, which is where you can find more evidence and confirm the alibis of Rebecca and Patrick. To start, return to the main Foyer and use the left-hand staircase to get to Level 1 upstairs.

You’ll want to go to Rebecca’s Room in the North-East corner of the mansion (it’ll appear to be South-East because on the Map, North is right), marked with a photo icon. Use the Mansion Master Key to enter it.

Here you can access the Laptop on the central table to confirm Rebecca’s alibi of being in a conference call for three hours when the Zachary died. There’s also Rebecca’s Notebook on the ottoman next to the fireplace, but this isn’t essential.

You may also find a dog Painting you can interact with to reveal another secret room. This isn’t required at all for your investigation, but is helpful if you want to take the place of the Lawyer in the Small Office.

Now you’ll need to visit Emma and Gregory’s Room: it’s in the South-West corner of the mansion, and also marked with a photo icon. Enter it with the Master Key, then go to the bedside table to the right of the bed to find a Letter from Emma’s Mother, revealing that Emma is an illegitimate child.

Now face the left of the door and check between the luggage and the screen to find a Greenhouse Key Chain: with the key missing, that’s your destination after you’re done with the mansion. Lastly, you can use the Camera to scan the two dirty shoes in the North-West corner of the room, which is another non-essential clue.

Gather Evidence Against Zachary

Emma and Gregory’s Room also offers a pathway to a third suspect: Zachary himself. Next to the entry door you’ll find a Walking Cane: pick it up, and you’ll have the means to access a secret part of the mansion. While holding the cane, exit Rebecca’s room and go right down the hallway, past the two lovers and into the upper part of the Library where Patrick hangs out.

Check the floor in the North-West corner of the room to find a Mysterious Switch, a metal spot on the ground at the foot of a bookcase. With the Walking Cane, you can stab the switch and open the secret entrance! Walk inside and search the pile of books on the opposite side of the room to find Montgomery’s Long Lost Letter.

This letter reveals that Montgomery, the murdered older brother of Alexa, wanted Alexa to be the heir to the Carlisle Empire rather than himself. Agent 47 can word this information to make it seem like Zachary did in fact commit suicide after he believed Alexa, the preferred heir, to be dead.

Gather Evidence Against Emma

At this point, you should have enough evidence to frame both the Butler and Zachary, and have cleared the alibis of everyone except Emma, after you found a Greenroom keychain with the key missing.

So, your next destination will be the Greenhouse to the West of the mansion. Head down to the lounge where Edward is, then use the glass door in the North-West corner to exit. As you make your way down the steps, keep an eye out on your right for some muddy footprints you can optionally scan with your Camera, similar to the muddy shoes in Rebecca’s room. Continue heading West past the fountain and to the white Greenhouse.

Now you need to make your way inside, which can easily be done with the Crowbar. Just make sure nobody’s looking! If you don’t have the Crowbar, check the crates next to the green van at the North entrance of the mansion. Alternatively, if Alexa has already called the family meeting then Rebecca will be inside the Greenhouse. She sometimes exits the Greenhouse so you can question her, but you can also use her exiting the Greenhouse as a way to slip inside while the doors are still open.

Inside, you can find some Boat Keys in the South end of the Greenhouse for a stylish escape route, but the investigation can be sealed by checking the North side. It’s here that you can find a recently-used Distillation Kit, and a Poison Dosage Table Book to the right of it. This confirms that Emma was the killer!

Meet Alexa Carlisle in Her Office

That’s the full investigation complete, so now all you have to do is report your findings to Alexa. Use the mission marker to once again find the Butler, Mr. Fernsby, inside the mansion and conclude the investigation. He’ll lead you up to Alexa’s Office, which unlocks access to the entire map save for one room!

Sit down in the chair and you can now present your findings. You’ll have three options that will all convince Alexa. The main effect your choice will have is Alexa’s fate: who you accuse to Alexa will give one of two outcomes after the meeting is over:

  • If you truthfully Accuse Emma or falsely Accuse Mr. Fernsby, Alexa will eventually believe you. After you choose your reward, Alexa will head to the balcony for a moment of privacy. Follow her outside and you can easily shove her off the balcony to kill her! This will require a sneaky getaway, however.
  • If you falsely Accuse Zachary of committing suicide, Alexa will succumb to grief, and make it quite obvious that she intends to kill herself. And so she does: she slides off the edge of the balcony to commit suicide herself, absolving yourself of any involvement in her death (except, y’know, you lied to her).

At the end of your testimony, you’ll also be asked for what you want as a reward. It’s here that you can straight-up ASK for the Case File as a reward, skipping having to solve the safe puzzle. This is the easiest way to get it since Alexa just gives it to you as a reward!

Locate the Exit

Now you need to make your escape! Depending on how you killed Alexa at the end, your escape will require one of two strategies.

If you falsely Accused Zachary and Alexa slid herself off the balcony, you’re under no suspicion whatsoever. So as long as you keep the Private Investigator disguise on, you’re free to simply stroll out of the mansion and to any exit you want at your own pace. What luxury!

If you Accused Emma or Mr. Fernsby however, you’ll need a more cunning escape route. Right after pushing Alexa off the balcony, run right to the end of the balcony and Vault over it to hang off the other side, out of view. To your left is a green pipe: climb onto it and then slide down to the bottom. From here, hop left onto another edge and continue left under the window to another balcony.

Drop down to hang under the ledge, then pull yourself up. Walk casually past the guard to get to a ladder: unlock it using your Crowbar. Slide down the ladder, and you can now use any exit you want so long as you avoid drawing any attention to yourself! Well done!


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