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Mod Corner: Dragon Age invades Skyrim with these BioWare-inspired mods

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If you’re like me, the wait for Dragon Age 4 is pretty unbearable. We have righteousness that must be seen with some egg and take Tevinter is very attractive. While we still have a bit of a wait before we get a DA4 launch date, we thought these Dragon Age mods for Skyrim might help pass the time.

Bethesda knows how to make editable games. Skyrim and Fallout have arguably the largest mod libraries. With so much, it’s easy to find a few inspired by Dragon Age that take us back to the world of Thedas without leaving Tamriel, and here are some of my personal favorites as a great PC gamer.


Fenris is the brooding elf who escaped slave life in Tevinter and became a staunch follower of Hawke in Dragon Age 2. Though brutal at first, he eventually became one of my favorite elves in all of the world. Dragon Age franchise, which is why this Fenris Follower mod is a staple in my book.

Fenris, a former Morrowind slave, served House Dres for most of his youth. His Dunmer masters forced him to endure a Daedric ritual that resulted in unique magical marks on his skin. was finally able to escape, and he ended up in Skyrim. “

Hang this mod here.


Swooping is bad, but more Alistair certainly isn’t. First introduced as a companion in Dragon Age Origins, he went on to become the King of Fereldan (depending on your in-game choices and whether you’ve read the comics or not). With a fondness for cheese and licking street lights in winter, this mod is perfect for those who miss this adorable little keeper.

According to the mod creator, “For those who wanted to play as Dragon Age: Origins’ Alistair theirin, worry no more! Inspired by the Origins version of Alistair theirin, I created a preset for RaceMenu so you can play as your adorable companion.! “

You can download this mod here.


Look, we all had that “damn, Anders” moment in Dragon Age 2, but let’s face it: it was impressive in Dragon Age: Awakening. This mod makes us our sassy mage, although no Ser Pounce-a-Lot is in tow, although this time no political buildings are destroyed.

We think.

“I love Anders from Dragon Age, so I tried to create a character like him in my Skyrim,” said the creator of this particular mod. “The character turned out to be quite like him, I think. Here you can find 2 versions of the Anders follower mod and a saved game file with the main character of the same appearance.”

Get your Anders with the right mod download here.


Morrigan, oh Morrigan. First introduced in Dragon Age Origins and eternal enemy of Alistair, this character was a spooky icon. With a down-to-earth attitude and a survivor instinct you can’t help but admire, Morrigan is a main character who has made an incredible comeback in Dragon Age Inquisition.

She’s one of my favorites, so bringing her to Tamriel is another must.

Download this one on the right here.

There are a few more, including Merrill on the right here, but they are not as strong as those tested previously. I love modding. I love using them and love creating them, so if you enjoy seeing mod recommendations like this, be sure to leave a comment in the section below and let us know what you’d like to see more of!


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