Friday, June 2, 2023

The Walking Dead: Survivors Ready To Infect Mobile Devices With PvP-Driven Strategy

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The Walking Dead: Survivors is an all-new PvP survival experience for mobile devices that combines tower defense and settlement building to create a strategic approach to zombie survival. The game is courtesy of Skybound Entertainment and developer Elex and offers fans of the comic book and hit TV show a new avenue to enjoy their favorite post-apocalyptic series.

The game features fan favorite characters of the popular comic book series such as Rick, Michonne, Maya, Glenn and many more. Each has their own set of skills and are divided into two classes of survivors: Combat and Development. Combat Survivors are melee, sniper, and cavalry types that each have their own level of upgrade and can be promoted to more competent positions of power.

Development survivors, on the other hand, focus on fortifying the city. As the ruler of the city, it is your job to recruit and train citizens in order to raise an army, cultivate resources and gather supplies, build defenses such as fences, and eventually s ” expand into new territories. There is a strategy for knowing which buildings to build and when. The camp is always under attack from undead as well as other players, so maintaining a strong HQ is vital.

Fans of The walking dead know that humans are the greatest threat and that is true here. Negan and his group of Saviors also want to make players’ lives miserable. Fortunately, you can also team up with friends to form Clans where you can build and expand territories together to hopefully keep Negan at bay. Or you can tackle other players’ encampments as well, if you prefer to play the role of the conqueror rather than the conquered.

The Walking Dead: Survivors will launch this summer for iOS and Android. You can pre-register for the game now. For more on Skybound’s other in-game relationships, check out their latest partnerships for The Callisto protocol and In front of your eyes.

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