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Modder creates Bioshock VR mod for Half-Life: Alyx

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While you patiently wait for the following BioSchock Thu, there is something new, unexpected Bioshock content available. Wim Buytaert at the origin created Back to Rapture like a mod that merges the world of Bioshock with Half-life: Alyx – valve flagship VR game that came out last year. Since then, however, he has developed it into a full eight-chapter campaign, PC World reported.

The mod imports environments and BioShock objects into Half-life: Alyx, while also using antagonists of Half-life. At the same time, it presents its own unique story distinct from either title. The basic plot is that the Combine entered the dystopian underwater world of Rapture to find Andrew Ryan’s missing suitcase containing ADAM’s secrets. The idea is to catch him in front of the armies of darkness, to prevent them from marching “over the entire surface of the Earth,” writes Buytaert.

After arriving in Rapture from a plane crash, as you do BioShock, you are guided through the new story by a voice actor hired specifically for the mod. It even has a new score instead of the in-game music. Buytaert was also able to use 200 real-game assets after receiving permission from the original developers, according to UploadVR.

This was all made possible by the release of Valve’s Editing Tools for Half-life: Alyx last year, allowing the community to create their own levels, items and more. However, Buytaert took it on another plane creating a fully fleshed out experience with around seven full hours of playtime. Best of all, it’s free right now. Steam for owners of Half-life: Alyx. For more information and to support Buytaert’s efforts, see its Patreon page.


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