Saturday, December 9, 2023

NASA’s Lunar Gateway to Showcase Canadian Space Agency Robotics

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the Lunar gate, The NASA outpost that will orbit the moon as part of its next Artemis program, will be equipped with external robotics from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), NASA announced today. The culmination of an earlier partnership around Artemis, NASA’s first major program to bring astronauts to the moon in half a century, the CSA plans to build a ‘next generation’ robotic arm, aptly named Canadarm3. This device will be able to reach many parts of the exterior of the bridge, providing an easy way for astronauts to make repairs.

Additionally, NASA said the CSA will create robotic interfaces for the Gateway modules, which will facilitate the installation of the first two science instruments at the outpost. CSA aims to deliver the Candarm3 to the gateway in 2026 via a commercial logistics supply flight. It will likely be a SpaceX flight, because NASA announced in March that it would be operated for critical cargoes and supply runs.


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