Sunday, January 29, 2023

New Lyft features make it easier for others to order and pay for groceries

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Lyft is introducing two new features to help people get to vaccine appointments and other essential destinations. The first, Rides for Others, allows you to order a trip for one of your friends or family. As the person paying for the ride, you will receive a notification when a driver is picking up your loved one and you can follow the progress of their trip. Lyft notes that this feature will also reduce the inevitable driver confusion that has occurred when you’ve ordered a ride for someone else in the past.


Rides for Others is available today in the United States. But in California, Oregon, and Washington, the company is piloting another feature called Lyft Family which, as you might have guessed from the name, gives families more robust functionality by about sharing rides. The feature allows you to add five more family members to your Lyft account and set up a unique payment method that anyone can use. The idea is that anyone with access to your account can use this payment method if they need help paying for a ride. As the account holder, you have one place where you can view all of your family’s travel expenses and trip details. You also have the option of requesting a ride on behalf of your family members.

While this doesn’t exactly match the features Lyft announced today, earlier this week Uber detailed an initiative with the same goal of helping people get to their immunization appointments. In Uber’s case, its partnership with Walgreens aims to help those who live in underserved communities and may not have easy access to pharmacies and clinics.


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