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New Rogue Company, Smite and Paladins seasons revealed at Hi-Rez Showcase

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New seasons await players from Rogue company, Hit, and Paladins – and Hi-Rez Studios revealed all the epic details at our annual keynote last week.

Want to learn more about the new rogue Kestrel, a new Babylonian conquest map and gods, or world-devouring worm champion Yagorath? Read on for all the details.

Next month, Rogue company kicks off the first season of the Year One Pass with our new thug Kestrel. Kestrel divides his time between running a multinational business empire and saving the world from impending destruction with Rogue company. Equipped for any situation with her advanced assault rifle, SMG, and a set of Halo Drones that she can deploy to rain hell, Kestrel has a reputation for winning any battles she engages in, whether whether in the conference room or on the battlefield!

Kestrel will be followed by seven other Thugs throughout 2021, offering a diverse lineup that will cover a range of roles and playstyles. Don’t want to miss a single Thug? The Year One Pass is coming Rogue company, granting immediate access to every Thief upon release, as well as bonus content like weapon envelopes and exclusive outfit.

Hi-Rez showcase

The first year will also introduce Rogue company Battle Pass Events, which give our players a new way to earn amazing new content, including new weapon wraps, emotes, and outfits. Our first Battle Pass includes new outfits for Fixer, Dallas, and Trench, as well as our very first Legendary Scorch outfit – as a Chrome Cyber ​​Demon that’s programmed to incinerate anyone in its path!

This year will also see the Rogue Company take on missions across the world as we introduce new maps and modes throughout each season. The first season begins with the introduction of The Hollows, a secret base built by the underhand organization Jackal for the purpose of launching a rocket into space. Our next update will also see the introduction of the new Wingman Mode, a fast-paced 2v2 game type that will allow players to face each other in intense battles on all new Skirmish maps.

Hi-Rez showcase

Smite Season 8: Dawn of Babylon brings a new map for the base Conquest mode and an all-new Hall of Gods.

When the season kicks off on January 26, the Conquest map will have a revamped look inspired by the Baylon mythos. The goddess TIamat banished Cthulhu and cleansed the battlefields of her dark influence. But in doing so, she remade the world in her own image – resplendent with gold and Babylonian architecture. The new Conquest map is also larger than the old map and features new Jungle challenges, providing additional opportunities for strategic play.

Better yet: it’s not the only time HitThis year’s Conquest map will be updated in Season 8. This year’s Conquest map is a living map, evolving with quarterly updates that will feature new graphics and gameplay changes. There is always something new to look forward to on the Battlefield of the Gods in Season 8.

Queen of the Monsters Tiamat hasn’t just reshaped the world. She is too Hit‘s next playable god, presenting the Babylonian Pantheon to Hitthe list of gods. Soon after, the much-requested epic hero Gilgamesh will arrive to challenge Tiamat. The two gods should join the Hit list in early 2021 with Tiamat arriving in February.

These two Babylonian gods are just the start of an incredible Season 8 line-up. Four more gods will follow throughout 2021, and eagle-eyed fans can check out our Season 8 trailer for start preparing their best theories on who will join the battlefield of the gods.

Other announcements in the Hit The presentation included the Most Wanted Battle Pass, a Janus overhaul, item updates, balance changes and more for the first update of the year. As an added bonus, Xbox One gamers can get exclusive access to our console game test server, allowing you to experience new Season 8 content ahead of its official launch!

HitThe new season announcement comes in the middle of the Smite World Championship – a $ 600,000 tournament to crown the top team across all platforms and contributions. Throughout the weekend you can watch competitions Hit on and can earn daily gifts, including a free skin, exclusive to this weekend’s event: SWC Champion Chang’e. Be sure to tune in to the finals on Sunday, January 10 at 3:00 PM EST to see which team will be crowned World Champions!

Hi-Rez showcase

Paladins will launch Season 4: Calamity on February 3 alongside the devouring worm Yagorath. A champion who can only be described as the ultimate cosmic horror, Yagorath enters the realm after years of being teased. Beginning with the bursting of the moon and the creation of Io, and culminating with his release by the vindictive former Keeper of the Seals, Vora, Yagorath threatens the paladin world like never before.

On the front line, Yagorath leads his team to victory by spitting acid, shooting deadly spikes, and devouring any champions caught in their path. That’s right – Yagorath’s ultimate ability literally lets you eat an enemy champion.

Hi-Rez showcase

To fight Yagorath and push back the darkness, not only the Resistance and the Magistrate will have to unite, but new champions will arise to defend the kingdom. Don’t miss a single champion from this amazing season with the new Season Pass, which gives you each champion on release day, an exclusive skin for each, and more bonuses.

But we’re not just starting this year with one of the most unique champions of all time – we’re also announcing a major overhaul to our Battle Pass system. Beginning in Season 4, these revamped Event Passes will roll out with every patch update, allowing players to earn new content more frequently – like exclusive skins and emotes – throughout the year. To top it off, a slew of more updates are coming throughout 2021, such as map updates, custom game mode options, and the long-awaited return of limited-time modes.

2021 is going to be an amazing year for all Hi-Rez titles, and we can’t wait to share with you everything that is on the horizon. Thanks to all of our players who support our titles – without you we wouldn’t be able to create these games that are so dear to us. Whether you are a fan of tactical shootings in Rogue company, the epic skirmishes of Hit, or the rapid action of Paladins, we’ll see you all in-game in our amazing new seasons!


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