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NFL Draft Order 2021: Updated list of picks for each team after the Division Playoffs

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More teams were added to the 2021 NFL Draft Order over the weekend following the 2021 NFL Playoff Results Division Round.

The Browns, Ravens and Saints, all of whom posted double-digit regular-season wins, saw their first-round positions locked after being fired from the playoffs. They have 26-28 picks overall, respectively. The 10-6 Rams were also eliminated in the divisional round, but their pick, No. 25 overall, goes to the Jaguars. LA sent Jacksonville the choice in the trade of Jalen Ramsey.

The top 18 spots in the 2021 NFL Draft were established after the end of Week 17. No.1 went to the Jaguars 1-15, who “clinched” the selection in Week 16. The Jets, who have made a solid elective run starting 0-13, settled for second after recording back-to-back wins in weeks 15 and 16.

The Dolphins have the No. 3 selection under the Texans finishing 4-12. Houston traded the pick in 2019 as part of the deal to acquire left tackle Laremy Tunsil. Miami also has its own pick, No. 18 overall.

The 19-24 caps went to teams that lost in the extended wildcard round on the first weekend of the playoffs. The Seahawks’ choice, No. 23, goes to the Jets; Seattle sent the selection to New York in Jamal Adams’ trade.

Below is the official NFL Draft Order for the top 28 picks in 2021, now including teams that lost in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Steelers, Bears find QBs after first-round playoff exit

NFL 2021 interim order

Choose No. Team Record
1 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-15
2 New York Jets 2-14
3 Miami dolphins (via 4-12 Houston Texans)
4 Atlanta falcons 4-12
5 Cincinnati Bengals 4-11-1
6 Philadelphia Eagles 4-11-1
seven Detroit Lions 5-11
8 Carolina Panthers 5-11
9 Denver Broncos 5-11
ten Dallas Cowboys 6-10
11 New York Giants 6-10
12 San Francisco 49ers 6-10
13 Chargers Los Angeles 7-9
14 Minnesota Vikings 7-9
15 New England Patriots 7-9
16 Arizona Cardinals 8-8
17 Las Vegas Raiders 8-8
18 Miami dolphins 8-8
19 Washington football team 7-9
20 Chicago Bear 8-8
21 Indianapolis Colts 11-5
22 Titans of Tennessee 11-5
23 New York Jets (via 12-4 Seattle Seahawks)
24 Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4
25 Jacksonville Jaguars (via 10-6 Los Angeles Rams)
26 Cleveland Browns 11-5
27 Baltimore Ravens 11-5
28 New Orleans Saints 12-4

Positions 29-32 will be determined during Conference Championship games and Super Bowl 55. These spots will go to teams that are still alive in the playoffs: the AFC Chiefs and Bills, and the Packers and Buccaneers. in the NFC.

Jacksonville and the Jets separated themselves from the rest of the field in the later stages of the ‘Tank for Trevor’ competition of the 2020 season. ‘Trevor’ is Clemson’s quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who remains the consensus top pick despite the fact that he was outclassed by Justin Fields of Ohio State in the college football playoff semifinal game.

The Fields should be there for the Jets if they decide to leave Sam Darnold, the third pick in the 2018 draft. That assumes Fields is still on the board; There has been speculation the Jags could explore by taking Fields to No.1 with former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer becoming their new head coach. That would leave Lawrence available for the Jets.

SN Mock NFL Draft ahead of Wildcard weekend Lawrence, Fields, LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase (in Miami), Michigan runner-up Kwity Paye (in Atlanta) and Oregon tackle Penei Sewell (in Cincinnati) in the top five.


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