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Packers vs Buccaneers Live Score, Updates, NFC Championship Game Highlights

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The NFC Championship game between the Packers and the Buccaneers offers an all-time game at the quarterback position.

Tom Brady of Tampa Bay and Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay face off for the fourth time as starters in their respective careers, including the first-ever time in a playoff competition. And all it took was Brady leaving the Patriots for the NFC. Brady holds a 2-1 series advantage over his Packers counterpart, including a 38-10 victory earlier this season in Week 6. That said, Green Bay took the seed. No. 1 overall in the NFC playoffs, including most important field advantage.

No age of players seems to have slowed them down in 2020; Brady completed 401 of 610 passes (65.7 percent) for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns for 12 interceptions. Rodgers, meanwhile, completed 372 of 526 passes (70.7 percent) for 4,288 yards and 48 touchdowns in five interceptions.


So, will Rodgers tie the series and take the Packers to the Super Bowl for the second time in his career? Or will Brady continue to solidify his GOAT status with a victory over another future Hall of Famer? We can’t wait to find out.

Sporting News follows live score updates and highlights from Packers vs Buccaneers on Sunday. Follow below for full results from the 2021 NFC Championship game.

Packers vs Buccaneers score

Q1 Q2 Q3 T4 Total
Packers 0 seven seven
Buccaneers seven 0 seven

Packers vs Buccaneers Live Updates, NFC Championship Game Highlights

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Second quarter: Buccaneers 7, Packers 7

3:43 p.m .: The Bucs take over at 27.

3:40 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN, GREEN BAY. A game later, Rodgers found Marquez Valdes-Scantling for the score of 50 yards. It looks like the Bucs sold out for a short distance game, leaving the receiver face to face with Davis. He stepped on him and, despite the thrown ball, ignored the defense and did the rest of the job himself. This makes 7-7 with 14:07 to go in the half.

3:39 p.m .: Aaron Jones earns 2 yards on the first play of the second quarter; that makes him a third and a second from midfield.

End of first quarter: Buccaneers 7, Packers 0

3.35 p.m .: Rodgers’ 5-yard pass to tight end Robert Tonyan ends the first quarter. The Packers will reverse the field at their 48.

3.35 p.m .: Next play, Rodgers throws a quick pass to Davante Adams, who misses Carlton Davis for a 15-yard gain over the Packers 43.

3:33 p.m .: It doesn’t matter; In the next play, Rodgers came out to the right – from inside his own end zone – and found Allen Lazard for a gain of 23 yards to 28.

3:33 p.m .: The Bucs get their second sack over Rodgers, this time for a 6-yard loss. Jason Pierre-Paul catches it and ranks third and 15 out of 5.

3.30 p.m .: Tavon Austin claims a good catch at the 10-yard line. Green Bay will begin training with 2:56 left in the first.

3.30 p.m .: Finally, Green Bay leaves the field on the third try. Kenny Clark gets the bull-rush sack on Brady to make him fourth and 16th for Bucs 43.

3:28 p.m .: Brady had his man on the cover but threw him a bit high; Tyler Johnson couldn’t take him down, however, and that brings up the third and the 10.

3:26 p.m .: Bucs converted another third – this time with 14 yards left – as Godwin took the tunnel screen to Bucs 49. Tampa Bay is 5 for 5 on third downs so far.

3:24 p.m .: The Bucs have it third and 1 of 36; it’s another conversion, this time on a 2-yard run by running back Ronald Jones.

3.20 p.m .: JK Scott’s punt travels just 38 yards and is touched at 27. The Bucs will be looking to climb two points from there, with 7:33 left in the first.

3.20 p.m .: The Packers don’t have such a chance in the third down; linebacker Shaq Barrett gets a cover sack in the fourth and 17th of the 45.

3:19 p.m .: The Packers face third place for the first time in their 43s.

3.17 p.m .: Rodgers completed his first assist of the game against Marcedes Lewis for 14 yards and a first run to 42.

3:16 p.m .: Now it’s the turn of Rodgers and Co. The Packers take over their 25.

3:13 p.m .: That touchdown took nine plays, traveled 66 yards and took off at 4:01 on the clock. Brady was 3 for 5 passing 56 on the record, including 3 for 3 in third.

3:12 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN, TAMPA BAY. Brady finished his third consecutive pass in third, this one for a touchdown. He has a 15-yard connection with Evans to get first on the board. His 7-0 Bucs with 10:59 left in the first.

3:11 p.m .: The Bucs have it third and 7 of 15 this time around. The third time, is the charm of Green Bay?

3.10 p.m .: Brady completes his second third downconversion pass, this one from 14 yards to Chris Godwin on 18. The Packers have no answer for him yet.

3:09 p.m .: Another third scenario on the downside, this one with 9 yards to gain from the 32 Packers.

3:08 p.m .: Brady connects with Mike Evans with a nice shoulder throw for a 27-yard gain until the Packers 33. The reader continues.

3:07 p.m .: The Bucs face a third and fourth in the 40 after two carries of 3 yards each from Leonard Fournette.

3:06 p.m .: Jaydon Mickens gets a 29-yard return against the 34. That’s where the Bucs will start the game.

3:03 p.m .: Green Bay wins the toss and defers, giving the ball to Brady and Co. first. Here we go.

Packers vs Buccaneers start time

  • Start time: 3:05 p.m. ET
  • TV channel (national): Fox
  • Direct: Fox Sports Go |

This is the first of two league games in Sunday’s conference. The NFC Championship will be followed by Chiefs vs Bills in the AFC Championship. The winner of these two games will advance to Super Bowl 55.

2021 NFL Playoff Schedule

Conference Championships

Sunday January 24

Match Start time TV channel Direct
Buccaneers at Packers 3:05 p.m. ET Fox
Bills to Chiefs 6:40 p.m. ET CBS

Super Bowl 55

Sunday February 7

Match Start time TV channel Direct
AFC Champion vs NFC Champion 6:30 p.m. ET CBS


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