Monday, July 22, 2024

Poly Effects Completely Merges Digit and Beebo into One Super Pedal

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The figure of the poly effects and Beebo are two of the most interesting guitar pedals to come out in recent years. They feature large touch screens and incredible depth to design your own effects and instruments. They are basically modular virtual synths in pedal format. Although Digit and Beebo have different strengths, they are built on the same hardware platform and their firmware is completely interchangeable. This meant that if you bought a Digit, you could turn it into a Beebo with just the push of a button, and vice versa. The company now takes the next logical step and simply combines them into one single firmware and a single pedal under the name of Beebo.

As a reminder, the two pedals had the same modular format. But Figure focused on things like cabinet simulations, convolution reverbs, and delays modeled using impulse responses. While Beebo focused on modulation effects and synthesis modules. Switching between the two has never been particularly difficult. There was an option in the settings menu to change firmware – you don’t even have to turn off the pedal. But now you can use all modules simultaneously.


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