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Razor EcoSmart Sup Review: A Commuter’s Electric Scooter

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Nevertheless, I used it to get to the post office, to travel to Brooklyn for several photo trips when I needed to test. phone cameras, and… well, that’s about it. This brings me to my biggest problem.

Boring oddities

Razor says you can get 12 miles, or up to 60 minutes of continuous use, with the EcoSmart. Of course, this depends on factors such as terrain and the weight of the rider. At 215 pounds, I’m very close to the recommended maximum weight for this electric scooter, which drastically narrows its range.

While I had no problem visiting my parents on the aforementioned EcoReco (they are about 4 miles from me), I didn’t dare to try with the EcoSmart. I was usually able to go about 7 or 8 miles before it got too slow to ride, so my trips were often very short. I couldn’t just go exploring; it made me stay in close proximity to my home which wasn’t the best feeling when I felt locked up all year round.

It doesn’t help that there isn’t a display showing precisely how much battery is left. All you get are two LEDs, Full and Low, which flash from green to red when the motor is under a high load (such as when going up a hill). It will slowly turn red as the battery dies, but that’s not much to do. Will I go home or am I going home? (Yes, I can still hit and roll the way back, but it takes a lot of effort – this thing weighs 63 pounds, remember.)

Most annoying is the time it takes to charge the battery. Razor recommends 12 hours (yes, hours). Considering its range so short for me, that meant I had it always plugged in, even after the shortest trips. Unlike a smartphone you forgot to plug in overnight, an hour of fast charging in the morning really won’t add much juice.

Another gripe: The retractable kickstand is sturdy and keeps the EcoSmart securely in place, but you have to be very gentle when you kick it up. It hits the metal frame hard, a sure-fire way to wake your neighbors or roommates when you take it out on a midnight commute.

For the right rider

Photography: Razor

Frankly, the EcoSmart Sup wasn’t much fun. When I ride I’m happy for the first 2-3 miles, but the further away I get from home, the more anxious I get. And when I’m home I’m thankful that I live in a building with an elevator so I don’t have to lug the 63 pounds of the non-folding scooter up the stairs, but I’m annoyed that I have to put it away put it in a little place. convenient near an outlet available for 12 hours to recharge it, because the battery is not removable.

When it’s loaded, I can’t store it under a sofa or prop it up vertically against a wall. He’s right there, taking up space like an uninvited guest. It is clear that this e-scooter is not for me. It’s for someone who’s smaller, weighs a lot less, and has a garage. If that’s you, you’ll be happy with this relatively affordable way of getting around.


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