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Riot introduces massive Life Element updates in League of Legends patch 11.6 preview

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With the next one League of Legends updating just around the corner, Riot Games is slowly rolling out some interim changes to the PBE server to test some of the updates they want to introduce.

League of Legends meta changed with item system overhaul in patch 10.23 and the introduction of Mythical sets. It now prioritizes champions who use the items provided with passive omnivamp and life steal.

Self-healing has become a major concern in MOBA. With the number of buffs Grievous Wounds got in the latest updates, enchanting supports have become totally unnecessary.

League of Legends fans have called nerves to the elements that come with a lot of self-healing, and it looks like Riot is finally ready to meet those demands.

In a recent tweet, League of Legends Game Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the patch for version 11.6. He highlighted some of the interim item changes that could come in the next update.

Sterak’s Gage Rune, Blade of the Ruined King, and Ravenous Hunter Rune will receive the Nerf Hammer this time around. Meanwhile, Luden’s Tempest and Rabbadon’s Deathcap will be shown some well-deserved love.

Provisional item changes coming in League of Legends patch 11.6

# 1. League of Legends Item Nerves

  • Ravenous Hunter Rune
  • Fleet Footwork (AP)
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Sterak gauge
  • Stride breaker
  • Seeker’s Armguards
  • Green barrier
  • Staff of the Void
  • Ravenous Hunter

Here are the provisional changes to items on League of Legends’ PBE server, according to Discount to 20:

Sterak gauge

  • [New] The Bloodlust passive now reads “Stacks past first heal for 50% less.”

Blade of the Ruined King

  • Health steal: 12% >>> 10%
  • Siphon damage: 40-120 >>> 40-150

Ravenous Hunter

  • Basic Omnivamp: 1% >>> 0%
  • Omnivamp per battery: 1.7% >>> 1.5%

# 2. League of Legends item upgrades

  • Shureliya’s War Song
  • Luden Storm
  • Aegis of the Sun Fire
  • Rabbadon Death Cap

Here are the provisional changes to items on League of Legends PBE server as per Discount to 20:

Shurelya’s War Song

  • Inspire active cooldown reduced from 90 to 75

# 3. League of Legends item adjustments

  • Immortal Shield Bow
  • Teleport Summoner Spell
  • Liandry’s Anguish

Here are the provisional changes to items on League of Legends PBE server as per Discount to 20:

Immortal Shield Bow (Slight melee nerf, slight ranged buff)

  • Life Steal 12% >>> 10%
  • [Removed] Increased Life Steal
  • [New] 25-50% attack speed when triggered
  • Shield amount increased from 250-700 to 300-800


  • The recharge time has been reduced from [420 – 240] at [420 – 210]
  • Movement speed has changed from [30 / 40 / 50%] at [50 %]
  • “This version of TP removes the MS homeguard from both Revive homeguards and post-20 minute homeguards.”

With patch 11.6, the developers of League of Legends will be looking to make a significant amount of item changes to help balance the game. The new update is set to go live on March 16th.

Posted on March 09, 2021 at 12:32 PM


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