Thursday, September 28, 2023

Sonny Bill Williams reveals pursuit of world boxing champion, confirms retirement from NRL rugby league

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Sonny Bill Williams has confirmed that his focus is now on becoming a world champion boxer, saying his football career is officially over.

Williams, 35, today revealed his time in the rugby league was over, having played his last NRL game with the Sydney Roosters in their semi-final loss to the Canberra Raiders of the Year. last.

He ended his NRL career after playing 123 freshman games between the Bulldogs and Roosters, with wins as Premier at both clubs in 2004 and 2013 respectively.

The double code superstar pursue his career with the Roosters as a mentor as he seeks to take his boxing career one step further, with a professional record of 7-0 to date.

Williams admits he hopes to get into his next fight, whatever it is, with “six months” of training, not “six weeks,” which has been the case during his football career.

“I spoke to my manager, I said ‘my brother, I can’t wait to get back in the ring, I’m a few years old, I’m 35’,” he told Nine News Sydney .

“I spoke to the woman first and she had empty eyes but as usual she supported me.

“I want to know how I’ll be in six months instead of six weeks.”

Williams also opened up about his decision to withdraw from the rugby league, conceding that a lingering problem with one of his knees was ultimately too difficult to play.

“I was humble enough to understand that my knee couldn’t meet the demands even though the mind wanted to play football week after week, especially in the NRL.

Asked how he wants him to be remembered in the rugby league, Williams said: “As a brother and the man who just gave him a crack.

“It was absolutely not perfect but I tried to learn from his lessons.”

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