Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Steam is trying a larger category menu to make it easier to find new games

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Valve a deployed a new Steam Labs experience that can help you narrow down your choices if you’re looking for new games to play. If you choose the Steam store browsing experience, you will have access to a new way to browse the titles available on the platform. For starters, all new releases and popular titles can now be found in a menu titled “New and Notable,” which will also display Steam events, such as game festivals and publisher sales. Best of all, the experience gives you access to a new, more comprehensive category menu.

Its basic list of genres is no longer sufficient given the size of its catalog, Valve admits, so they’ve designed a new one with 63 new categories to make it easier to find. Valve has divided the new categories into three entry points: Genres, Themes, and Social & Players. The experimental Genres section is much more extensive than the usual Steam one, filled with subgenres under the main ones to make the results as specific as possible. The Themes entry point groups titles based on game content – Space, Horror, and LGBTQ + are three examples. Finally, Social & Players offers titles based on who you can play the game with, so you can quickly browse MMO games or find those that offer competitive and online multiplayer modes.


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