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Sweet Potato Pie Recipe (Family Favorite)

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One of our favorite cold weather dishes is classic shepherd’s pie. In this not so classic version, I increase the vegetable content a bit with mashed sweet potatoes. It’s a delicious spin, especially if you do the passage of white potatoes (or if you just prefer the taste!).

Sweet potato shepherd’s pie: a healthy take on a classic

I left my Shepherd’s Pie recipe quite similar to most, but added kale for an extra little boost and replaced the traditional with potatoes for potatoes. sweet. This is actually a recipe similar to my meatloaf cupcakes, but with more vegetables.

To make the pan, I brown the ground beef with the seasonings, then add the diced vegetables, heat it up, and pour it into a casserole dish. (I have this super deep skillt which is oven safe which I use for both purposes and keeps me a pan to wash.)

While the meat is cooking, I mash the sweet potatoes with butter and salt and place them on top of the meat and vegetable mixture when cooked. To save a little time, I usually make extra sweet potatoes with another meal earlier in the week and then take them out of the fridge when I’m ready to use them.

Is it a shepherd’s pie or a cottage pie?

Shepherd’s Pie is of Irish origin and is typically made with ground lamb. The cottage pie is British and made with ground beef. However, most people don’t complain about the small differences and use the terms interchangeably. (Read more fun facts about Shepherd’s Pie here.)

If you love sweet potatoes as much as we do, try this recipe! It freezes and heats up well so it can be prepped for busy nights.

Sweet potatoes: versatile, healthy and delicious

My kids love sweet potatoes and eat them with pleasure every time I prepare them. That’s why I have such a huge and creative collection of sweet potato recipes!

Here are a few more to try:


Sweet potato pie recipe

Love this healthier version of Shepherd’s Pie with a creamy sweet potato filling. It’s a family favorite with us and my kids love to help with diapers.


  • In a large skillet, brown the meat.

  • Stir in 1 teaspoon of salt and any remaining seasonings and transfer to a large bowl.

  • Dice the onions and tear the kale into small pieces.

  • Sauté the onion and kale in the skillet until slightly tender and add to the meat.

  • Pour the vegetable mixture into the pan and heat over low heat.

  • While the vegetables are heating, mash the cooked sweet potatoes with the remaining butter and salt until smooth.

  • Add the vegetable mixture and egg to the meat and stir to combine.

  • Pour the meat / vegetable mixture into a 9×13 baking dish and spread the mashed sweet potatoes on top.

  • Bake at 350 ° F for about 30 minutes.

  • When finished, top with a small dollop of cream cheese if desired and enjoy.


  • For the sweet potatoes: Pre-cook for about an hour or until tender, or boil for about 10 minutes in a large pot of water until tender. Drain before use if boiled. I usually do extra when making a previous meal and then reheat it the night I cook it.
  • This recipe makes a 9×13 casserole dish – you can split it up and freeze some of it for another meal or double it to make a large one for the freezer!
  • Possible variation: cook in pint-size mason jars for easy to pack lunches!


Calories: 245kcal | Carbohydrates: 6g | Protein: 26g | Fat: 12g | Saturated fat: 6g | Cholesterol: 106mg | Sodium: 647mg | Potassium: 499mg | Fiber: 1g | Vitamin A: 2110UI | Vitamin C: 4.9mg | Calcium: 27mg | The iron: 3.2mg

Have you ever made a shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes? How did that happen? Share below!


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