Sunday, April 14, 2024

Taco Bell Collaborates With Beyond Meat To Create New Plant-Based Protein

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From this year, Taco Bell will start test a Beyond Meat meat dish in its restaurants. The chain hasn’t said what said dish will look like, but claimed it wouldn’t be the usual planet-based substitution you’ve seen at other restaurants as it will work with Beyond Meat to develop the protein. “I would say it will be unique to things you’ve seen elsewhere, so we’re definitely going to put our Taco Bell innovation and turn it on,” Liz Matthews, Taco Bell’s head of global food innovation, Told CNBC.

If you’ve been following the expansion of Beyond Meat (and Impossible Foods), you’ll know that Taco Bell is lagging behind in the game. Some of its competitors, such as KFC and Mcdonalds, have been testing plant-based meat substitutes since at least 2019. But it’s still an important announcement from the channel, especially as it’s working to win back vegetarians. During the summer, Taco Bell cut eight items, including vegetarian options like Mexican pizza, from its menu to streamline operations through the pandemic. That’s why, ahead of Beyond Meat’s rollout, the company will be bringing back potatoes on March 11. Not all cut potato dishes are coming back, but you can order more popular ones like the spicy sweet potato taco.


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