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There is something that draws you to Roger Federer, he makes you feel like part of his extended family: Super-fan Sunita Sugita

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In anticipation of Roger Federer The long-awaited return of the tour, ATP recently spoke with two “superfans” about their link with the Swiss. One of those superfans is India’s Sunita Sugita, who has supported Federer since 2003 and has also watched over 100 matches of the 20 times major champion.

Sunita Sugita is from Calcutta, one of the most populous cities in India. Kolkata also boasts a rich tennis heritage, having produced players like former Davis Cup runner-up Jaidip Mukerjea and one of the greatest doubles players of all time, Leander paes.

By speaking with, Sugita listed the reasons that drew her to Roger Federer. According to her, the Swiss legend is a loving and warm person who treats her fans as if they are her family.

“There is something so special and charming about him,” said Sugita. “His game is there of course, the grace with which he plays. When you meet him, there is something that draws you to him. You are just drawn to him, the way he treats us, he gives you the feeling like a part of his extended family. “

Sunita Sugita with Roger Federer [Credit:]
Sunita Sugita with Roger Federer [Credit:]

Sugita revealed that she first watched her idol in action during the 2008 edition of Wimbledon. But her most special meeting with Roger Federer was in 2012 in Basel, where the 39-year-old stunned her when she remembered his name.

“I literally couldn’t stop shaking the first time I saw him on center court (at Wimbledon),” Sugita continued. “I almost collapsed when he called me by name (in Basel). I don’t remember what I said to him. I was speechless. He remembered my name!”

Roger Federer is my passion and my idol: Sunita Sugita

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Traveling around the world to watch tennis tournaments is a very expensive affair, but worth every penny for Sunita Sugita. The Indian indirectly admitted spending a lot on her travels to watch Roger Federer, but claimed it was money well spent.

“I can’t calculate everything,” Sugita said. “But it’s still worth it. Roger is my passion, he’s my idol. I’ll spend all my money on him.”

For Sugita, it doesn’t matter if Roger Federer doesn’t end his career with the most slams or even if he fails to add to his current total of 20. Federer will always hold a special place in his heart, no matter what his exploits are. tennis.

“He gave us everything he had,” added Sugita. “It’s not just a question of numbers, there is so much more to Roger than the number 20 [Majors]. I don’t want to cry when I retire, I want to celebrate it. “

Sunita Sugita also believes that Roger Federer’s injury and subsequent rehabilitation period were a blessing in disguise, as they made sure he didn’t have to travel and expose himself to the dreaded coronavirus.

“I didn’t want him traveling at a time like this because I don’t want him to get coronavirus,” Sugita said. “It was a relief to know that I didn’t have to worry [about Roger getting sick] for the rest of the year. “

During the lockdown period, Sugita also had the opportunity to assess and cherish all of her memories with Roger Federer.

“I will live with all the moments and memories that I shared with him,” she added. “That’s what I realized during the lockdown. I’m so glad I had the chance to follow my dream and my passion.”

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