Friday, June 9, 2023

Tony Wolters had one of the saddest strikeouts you’ve ever seen

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It is never good when you cross out, but it is really not good when you cross out in an embarrassing way.

That’s exactly what happened in Saturday’s spring training game between the Pirates and the Yankees. At the top of the sixth inning, Yankees pitcher Darren O’Day faced Pirates wide receiver Tony Wolters. The at-bat typically started out, working their way to a 2-2 count.

Then for the third strike, O’Day made Wolters look ridiculous.

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Yes, it’s the incredibly rare strikeout where the batter is also hit with a pitch.

As a casual baseball spectator, I didn’t even know it was possible. You would think that every time the batter is hit, he automatically goes to first base. But most hitters are able to see the wild ground coming and never sway, resulting in a strikeout.

Wolters even had plenty of time to see the pitch coming as MLB only tracked the ball hitting the plate at 79.7 mph.

The strikeout was almost made worse as it appeared Wolters had been hit this zone, an area in which no man wants to be hit with a baseball. But baseball narrowly missed and hit Wolters’ upper thigh.

Unfortunately, the blow-by-blow forced Wolters out of the game (he was replaced by Andrew Susac). Although it is not clear if he suffered an actual injury. There was no immediate post-game update on Wolters.


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