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Trump confident as Supreme Court considers last-minute trial | United States and Canada

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US President Donald Trump and his supporters, having been stranded dozens of times by judges and election officials across the country, are confident that a last-minute lawsuit will reverse his electoral defeat.

“All I’m asking is people with wisdom and courage, that’s all,” Trump said at a White House party on Hanukkah Wednesday night, according to a video posted on Twitter. “Because if some very important people, if they have wisdom and courage, we will win this election in a landslide.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton this week filed a lawsuit with the United States Supreme Court asking for the annulment of electoral college votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The lawsuit calls for the four states not to be able to vote at the Electoral College meeting next week because, it says, using unproven or disproved claims, changes to the electoral law of those states during the period of pandemic violated federal law.

Trump has filed a petition with the Supreme Court to be added to the lawsuit, and Republican attorneys general from 17 states have also joined the lawsuit, which legal experts say will quickly be dismissed by the Supreme Court. Notably, Trump invited those attorneys general to the White House for lunch on Thursday.

“We are going to INTERVENE in the case of Texas (and many other states),” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “It’s the biggest. Our country needs a victory!

Election law expert Rick Hasen, a professor at the University of California, Irvine Law School, called the lawsuit “bonkers” and “hazardous waste”, writing on his blog: “Texas no. ‘has no standing to raise these allegations because it say about how other states choose voters “and” there is no reason to believe that the vote conducted in any of the states was done in an unconstitutional manner. “

“Both in terms of procedure and substance, [the lawsuit’s] a mess, ”Justin Levitt, professor of electoral law at Loyola Law School in California, told Reuters news agency. “There is no way the court will agree to take the case.”

The Supreme Court asked the four prosecuted states to respond Thursday afternoon. The court is expected to intervene soon after, because time is running out: the electoral college will meet on Monday, a date set by US law.

The four states named in the lawsuit have 62 electoral votes in the states won by President-elect Joe Biden. In total, Biden won 306 electoral votes against 232 for Trump.

Of the roughly 50 lawsuits filed across the country to challenge the Nov. 3 vote, Trump has lost more than 35 and the rest are pending, according to an Associated Press tally.

Judges have consistently said that the prosecution for Trump lacked key evidence and evidence that the election was “rigged” or “illegal” or full of fraud, claims that have been amplified by the president and his supporters outside of Canada. the courtroom.

Tuesday, reacting to a separate trial, the Supreme Court refuse to maintain the idea that Pennsylvania’s certification of the vote should be quashed and dismissed the lawsuit without comment.

Meanwhile, Trump is stepping up the pressure on Congressional Republicans, many of whom have yet to recognize Biden as president-elect but are not explicitly endorsing Trump either.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday night that Trump “calls out Republicans, implores them to keep fighting, and loudly proclaims that the election was stolen.”

If the electoral college votes as scheduled on Monday, it slams the door on Trump’s legal efforts to change the outcome. His Conservative supporters in Congress are trying to persuade other Republicans to participate in a safe failure gambit delay congressional certification of the electoral college vote on January 6.

In the unlikely event that it gains traction, both houses of Congress are expected to approve this action and Biden’s Democrats, who will hold a majority in the House, and possibly also the Senate, will not allow this effort to continue.


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