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Walkthrough – Final Fantasy 7 Remake wiki guide

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To start

Starting a new game Final Fantasy 7 Remake will prompt you to choose a difficulty and style between Easy, normal and classic mode. You can change this at will, so don’t worry too much. Start with these helpful guides:

Cloud strife, a mercenary, is hired by a group called Avalanche to help them blow up the Mako 1 reactor. Their objective is to stop the Shinra Electric Power Company from destroying the planet.

Avalanche flees through a passage that leads to Sector 8. Shaken by the devastation caused by the explosion, the group heads towards the base of Sector 7.


Chapter 2 Matter, Weapons, and accessories Control List:

Their mission ended, Cloud and the others disembark in the slums of sector 7. Located under the plate, no natural light reaches the city, but despite its dark appearance, this is where the members of Avalanche feel at home.

chapter 3 Matter, weaponsand Accessories Checklist:

Note: there is more weapons, accessories, and Materia in stores in sector 7.

Cloud agrees to help Jessie with a secret job in mind in Sector 7.

Chapter 4 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Cloud joins the mission to blow up the Mako 5 reactor. The team boards the train for sector 4, worried about the mission ahead.

Chapter 5 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Barret, Cloud, and Tifa follow the secret passage from the corkscrew tunnel until they reach inside the Sector 4 plate. Mako Reactor 5 is now closer than ever, but they still have to fight their way. through the rusty maintenance area.

Chapter 6 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Despite unforeseen obstacles that forced many changes to the plan, the three made it inside the Mako Reactor 5. Determined to make the second bombing operation a success, the group headed for the reactor core.

Chapter 7 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Cloud wakes up to a bed of yellow flowers. There, inside the church, he finds someone …

Chapter 8 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Cloud must travel to Wall Town for a rescue mission. Shenanigans ensue.

Checklist of materials, weapons and side quests in Chapter 9:

Falling through Corneo’s trap door, Cloud and the others find themselves in the sewers under Sector 6. If the plan to drop part of the plate is true, then the slums in Sector 7 are in grave danger. Frightened and shaken, the group rushes into the underground sewers.

Chapter 10 Material, Weapons and Equipment Checklist:

When the group finally leaves the sewer system, they find themselves in the middle of the train graveyard in sector 7. Not knowing who or what to believe, and worried about the uncertain future, they rush to what they want. believe to be the exit.

Chapter 11 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Avalanche has entered a trap and is surrounded by Shinra forces. Now they are locked in a desperate struggle for survival. Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith make their way to the Support Pillar, determined to help their friends and stop Shinra.

Chapter 12 Checklist of Materials, Weapons and Accessories:

The Sector 7 section of the plaque has collapsed, destroying this part of the sub-city, and the screams of the victims can be heard amid the rubble. For Barret and the others, it has been a long struggle, but they will continue to grow stronger.

Chapter 13 Equipment, Weapons and Accessories Checklist:

After saving Wedge, the party return to Sector 5, but there is still no sign of Aerith. Enough friends have already been lost, and each of them decides to fight for Aerith’s safe return.

Chapter 14 Checklist of materials, weapons and accessories:

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret prepare to infiltrate the Shinra building. They pass through a ruined Sector 7, ready to settle scores with Shinra and save a beloved companion.

Chapter 15 Checklist of materials, weapons, armor and accessories:

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret stand in front of the Shinra building – the heart of Midgar. Somewhere in this imposing structure, Aerith is held captive. Refusing to balk, they cross behind enemy lines to save their friend.

Chapter 16 Checklist of materials, weapons, armor and accessories:

With Aerith free from captivity, they must now escape from the Shinra building. Cloud wakes up and finds himself with the other refugees in the room where Aerith and her mother were once held. They discuss the past, the present and a destiny that they are trying to change.

Chapter 17 Checklist of materials, weapons, armor and accessories:

The group escapes from the Shinra building and runs on the highway. Behind them, countless Whispers engulfed Midgar. The team passes through the obstacles and charges onto the roadway that leads to the unknown.

Unlockable after the game and new game More

Final Fantasy 7 post-game unlockables include a hard mode and a few other cool secrets covered here:


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