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When Might You Need an Entertainment Attorney?

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Entertainment attorneys represent clients who are connected to the entertainment industry. For example, attorney John Branca represents many recording artists and music companies. Musicians, actors, writers, producers, entertainment companies and publishers often need the services of an entertainment attorney. So, when might you need to hire an entertainment attorney to represent you? Here are a few examples of situations where it may be necessary.

Obtaining Rights to Materials

You may be working on a creative project that uses existing material, such as a character or a book, or your project may be about a real person. If this is the case, you will need permission to use that material, character or person in your work. It is best to consult an entertainment lawyer before you even start on your project to make sure you can secure the rights you need.

Dealing With Contracts

Whenever you need to sign a contract, you should have an attorney look at it. If the contract involves entertainment law, it would be best to hire an entertainment attorney. They specialize in entertainment law, so they are familiar with it and can best advise you. Yes, simple contracts can be found online, but you should not rely on those to cover you. Every situation is different, and only an attorney will be able to evaluate your specific situation properly.

Working With Another Writer

You might not think about hiring an attorney when you are working with a friend on a writing project. Things might go well at first, but when your script is done and you are negotiating with producers, you may find that you and your friend disagree about things. You may not agree on who should get the most credit or who did the most work on the script. You may have differing opinions on the amount of compensation each of you should receive or how to conduct the negotiations. It is best to hire an entertainment attorney to hash out these details and create a contract between the two of you before you even begin writing.

Theft of Your Intellectual Property

If someone has stolen your intellectual property, such as song lyrics or a movie idea, the best way to deal with the situation is to hire an entertainment lawyer. An attorney will be much more effective in protecting your rights than you will be if you try to handle it on your own.

Remember that the entertainment industry is unique. It is a good idea to protect your interests by hiring an entertainment attorney.

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