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Zimbabwe bans traditional funerals after surge in COVID cases | News on the coronavirus pandemic

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Move is part of new measures aimed at stopping traditional funeral rites believed to increase the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Zimbabwe has banned families from transporting deceased relatives between towns, a custom whereby families take the dead to their area of ​​birth for burial rituals and ceremonies.

Monday’s announcement is part of new measures to end traditional funeral rites that are believed to increase the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Police also banned public viewing of bodies and the tradition of letting a dead body stay overnight at the family’s home before burial.

“Police will only allow movement of bodies for burial from the hospital funeral home / morgue to the burial site,” police spokesman Paul Nyathi said in the newspaper. State Herald.

Zimbabwe, like many other African countries, initially recorded low numbers of COVID-19, but has recently seen an increase in cases.

There are fears that a new, more infectious variant of the coronavirus arrived from South Africa when thousands of Zimbabweans who lived there returned home for the holiday season.

“The strain was imported into Zimbabwe but we are in the process of genetic sequencing to confirm this,” said Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control Portia Manangazira.

Zimbabwe tightened his coronavirus restrictions earlier this month.

It recorded 21,477 cases and 507 deaths on January 10, compared to just over 10,000 cases and 277 deaths in early December, according to government figures.


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