Thursday, September 28, 2023

NPR podcasts are now available to stream on Spotify outside the US

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NPR and Spotify have been comfortable since 2018, when public radio and content hub signed an agreement to do selected shows available through the music service. This agreement only covered the United States, however, so today the two partners are announcing a new pact. As part of a new distribution agreement, NPR podcasts will be available for broadcast worldwide outside of the United States.

Spotify did not offer a specific list of regions, but said the agreement covers “most countries in the world.” It has, however, been detailed with the library of available shows, which includes 26 podcasts. These range from hip-hop chronicles to Louder than a riot at Up first, a quick overview of the news of the day each morning. Other popular shows that made the cut are NPR News Now, TED Radio Hour, Short Wave and Planet Money. And like Spotify, there is a playlist of the best of the best episodes to serve as an introduction – if you need to.


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