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Razer’s BlackWidow Elite Keyboard Returns to All-Time High of $ 85

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Although it’s a few years old, the BlackWidow Elite is a solid gaming accessory that’s a satisfying everyday keyboard as well. It has a full-size QWERTY layout with dedicated multimedia keys, programmable macros, and customizable per-key lighting. It also has a multi-functional dial in its upper right corner that you can also program through Razer Synapse to do more than just control your PC’s volume. While not a wireless keyboard, it does have 3.5mm USB and audio connections, allowing you to plug things like a wired mouse or headphones directly into the keyboard to the keyboard. instead of worrying about the tangle of wires probably behind your PC.

It’s important to choose the right switches before purchasing the BlackWidow Elite (or any mechanical keyboard for that matter). Of the two options currently on sale, the Orange Touch Switches will work best for those who plan to use the keyboard for gaming and regular typing. But if you want that clickable sound and distinct feedback, choose the green switches – just know that everyone around you will hear you every time you type.

As for other accessories, you have another chance to get the excellent Basil X HyperSpeed mice for 33 percent off now that it’s come back to $ 40. It’s a rugged wireless mouse with a sensor rated at 16,000 CPI and 450 IPS, and it lets you store up to five CPI rates on board so you can switch between them at will. It also runs on a single AA battery and should last 285 hours in high-performance wireless mode, or 450 hours over Bluetooth. Razer Viper Wired Mouse has also been reduced to $ 40, and aside from having the same sensor as the HyperSpeed’s, it’s a better option for those who want an ambidextrous gaming mouse.

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