Sunday, August 14, 2022

Season 3 of ‘Serial’ is becoming an HBO series

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The third season of Serial is quickly becoming a television series. HBO is adapting the nine-episode series, who examined several cases managed by the Cleveland court system. According to at Deadline, writer and director Shola Amoo (The last tree) is involved, with Serial host Sarah Koenig, NBA superstar LeBron James and former HBO miniseries head Kary Antholis as executive producers. The currently untitled drama would follow a young policeman and a man he is accused of beating. The case will be a lens for the justice system and all it touches, including lawyers and citizens who have been accused and victimized by crimes.

The first season of Serial was a smash hit that pushed podcasts into mainstream pop culture. HBO turned this original series, which examined the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999, into a documentary series called The case against Adnan Syed, which premiered in March 2019. The second season of the podcast started in December 2015 and focused on a US Army soldier accused of desertion. It hasn’t been as successful as season one – the show hasn’t had the same impact online, at least – and hasn’t been adapted for TV yet. The team behind Serial was bought by The New York Times last summer. The couple have since released a podcast series titled Beautiful white parents, which is also in the process of being turned into an HBO series.


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